How to get more likes on Instagram Photos

The Social Media network is one of the strongest modes of communication today. Practically every person is active on the social media websites such as Facebook, Instagram, etc. Instagram would be a brilliant way to share your memories with your friends. This article would throw light on how to get more likes on Instagram. Anyone can follow these simple seven steps and get the maximum number of likes on his / her photos in Instagram.

Make liberal use of hashtags

  • Categorizing your photos with keywords is very important. The hashtags provide the easiest method to do so. Using hashtags would entail more people viewing it thereby, increasing the chances of obtaining more likes and shares.
  • If possible, you must try to use as many hashtags as possible for each photo. If you have the photo of your pet, you can add hashtags as follows. #dog, #pet, #cute, #lovely, etc
  • It is always better to use popular hashtags such as #cute, #love, etc.
  • Move with the trend. Observe how people use their hashtags. Follow their styles.

Applying filters to your photograph would be great

  • There are many free and popular filters available on the internet. Use them to enhance the look of the photos.
  • Make good use of the photo fixing apps and notice the difference.

Post photos that people would like to see

  • As far as possible, posting good pictures can increase your likes a lot. Avoid repeating similar looking photos at a time.
  • Post photos of you with family members or friends. Posting photos of your bike or car would also guarantee a good number of likes.
  • Posting photos with pets is a good idea as well.
  • Unique photos get more likes. Try clicking some unique photos.
  • Combining photos pertaining to an occasion would generate a greater number of likes.

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Be a committed member of the Instagram community

  • Being a community member would be very useful to increase your likes.
  • Like other people’s photos. You will automatically get their likes.
  • Go to other people’s accounts and post your likes on as many photos as possible. You may induce a following from them.

Watch the timing of your posts

  • Avoid posting photos late in the night. Of course, if you have friends overseas, this ploy would work.
  • As far as possible, post interesting and funny photos when you expect people to browse them. For example In the afternoon, or just after dinner
  • Avoid posting photos on a Friday evening, as people would be in a mood of enjoyment with family and friends.
  • Cultivate the habit of liking and commenting on your friend’s photo.

Cultivate links

  • Link your Instagram A/c to your other social media accounts such as Facebook, etc. You would have a greater reach.

Use other applications as well

  • Browse Google Play and App Store for innumerable other applications to allow you to buy likes or get more likes on Instagram.

We shall also share some simple tips and tricks as below.

  • When people like your photos, reciprocate their feelings. You will win more fans.
  • Compliment other people’s photos. Never criticize them.
  • Try to follow people who like your photos. You can get more likes from their other followers.
  • Try to post meaningful selfies. If possible, post selfies with friends. Your likes would increase exponentially.
  • Take part in meaningful contests that come frequently on Instagram.

We have seen some methods using which one can get more likes on Instagram.

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